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We guarantee the stability and the performance of your Information System

Our Job

  • Consulting and technical audit

  • CISO Delegation

  • System, network and security administration (physical and virtual)

  • Technical architecture design

  • Text Hover
Our engagements

  • Adaptability of our interventions to your IT environment

  • Assessing each risk

  • Transfer of our security know-how to your technical teams

  • Stability and performance of your systems

  • Reactivity and professionalism

  • Delegation of IT manager
  • IT project management (IT migration, network architecture implementation, …)
  • Software development project management
  • Management of IT provider relationship
  • Implementation of virtual infrastructure
  • Virtualization of physical servers
  • Installation and configuration of Sophos / PfSense firewalls
  • Deployment of Sophos / Eset centralized antivirus solution
  • Network Monitoring Solution
  • Implementation of network infrastructure
  • Definition and implementation of backup plans
  • Skill & know-how transfer
  • Supervision of backups
  • Server Administration
  • Network equipment management
  • Configuration management (software update, bios, firmware, OS …)
  • Workstation maintenance
  • Skill transfer
  • Sophos Support
  • Functional audit (business analysis)
  • Technical architecture audit (system and network)
  • Dataroom physical security audit
  • Infrastructure testing & validation